After seeing this great post from Jamie Thingelstad about using subdomains to redirect people to your LinkedIn or Twitter profile I thought it would be great to add that to my site.

But it was a big process that it shouldn’t have been. I found it very hard to actually find where in the my Go Daddy hosting where to put the subdomain. So if you are doing hosting with Go Daddy and have used their subdomains tied to a folder you have to goto a completely different section to do this type of redirect. It’s in the domain management which one would expect but I look right past the correct section at least a half dozen times, so below there is a picture below the fold with a red box showing exactly where to add the subdomains.

The process is simple once you find the correct section. Simply click add then fill out the “subdomain” and “forward to” fields as an example I did “subdomain”: twitter and “forward to”: Those simple steps have now set up to link to my twitter account.


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