While working with an ExpressionEngine based site I ran across a listing of a weblog that could contain 1000′s of posts yet as it was displayed with the Dynamic Parameter off there was no stock way to support Pagination of the items. I used a simple hack, shown at the end of the post, that allowed me to use the pagination but it shows a bigger issue with ExpresionEngine, while it may not come up that often there still should be pagination for any `exp:weblog:entries set but it is not. There is no reason that non-dyanmic listings shouldn’t be paginated if anything it would be more likely needed as they are likely to be a long list of a whole set.

The hack I used to enable pagination while the dynamic=“off” was available here on the ExpressionEngine Wiki but as it is a wiki I felt that I should give you the basics here as well.

In `system/modules/weblog/mod.weblog.php find the comment “Parse page number” you need to simply remove the AND $dynamic from the if statment to allow for the pagination use inside a non-dynamic weblog listing.

Start with:

if (preg_match(“#^P(\d+)|/P(\d+)#”, $qstring, $match) AND $dynamic)

Change to:

if (preg_match(“#^P(\d+)|/P(\d+)#”, $qstring, $match) )