In an earlier post, I reported that the TR element in IE6/IE7 had a read only innerhtml. I have found a way to get around this while not perfect it works. It turns out while the TR’s innnerhtml is read only a TD is not. So you can add a TD with a column span equal to the total column in the table. Then you can add what you wanted to the TD’s innerhtml. Check out the example code below.

function addrow(http_request,elm)
var temp= http_request;
var tablebody = elm.tBodies[];
var row = tablebody.insertRow(elm.rows.length-1);
var cell = row.insertCell(-1);
cell.colSpan = “6”;
cell.innerHTML = “<table style=‘margin:0; padding:0; width:100%’ border=‘1’><tr>”+temp+“</tr></table>”;
} catch (e)
var row = tablebody.insertRow(elm.rows.length-1); =“sctablerow”+nextelm.value;
row.innerHTML = temp;